In honor of my grandmother informing me that my cousin Ryan is going to be teaching at Pitt…When I was asking about life at Pitt when I was waitlisted there for my PhD, a grad student claimed that the problem with the Cathedral of Learning was the frequency with which its elevators were out of order. I gave my usual response to elevator discussions: Paul Newman always takes the stairs, and he looks good in his seventies; I can take the stairs. The Pitt grad student found this to be perhaps slightly optimistic on my part.


(from here, creative commons and all)

Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning tends to walk next to Moscow State University in my mind. In Christian Carion’s Farewell, Moscow State enjoys a few establishing shots – filmed as “Coke commercials” if imdb is to be believed – that Jean-Michel Simonet does a nice job with: blue-green film stock says “Soviet film.”Image