The Fulbright applications aren’t due for a good long while, but I’m hacking together my materials for another go. I’m once again pursuing a teaching Fulbright, this time at University of Bergen. I’d teach in their American literature survey course, and offer two of my own courses – an upper-level offering on post-war suburban fiction, and a master’s-level class on the fictional lives of American presidents. While putting together money-seeking materials usually fills me with rage, today I pushed the rage aside to think of something positive that could improve the lot of we gypsy/junior/underemployed scholars.

My proposal to major granting institutions: In 2014 the following traits will disqualify you from winning: Ivy League PhD. Rank above lecturer/instructor. More than one published book. Previous grant/fellowship awards in excess of the average household income.

If it were to be for 2014 only, we could also treat it as a control group for no end of research as well.