A message from a journal editor showed up in my inbox this morning.

Apologies for the delay over your suburbia piece. I’m having severe problems locating willing reviewers for your article. I have now approached 7 academics, and all have rejected the offer to review the piece. Have you any suggestions over who to approach?

I have immense sympathy for the editor, who seems to deserve a medal for sticktoitiveness if nothing else. S/he has been very understanding when it comes to my habit of submitting decent but not publication-ready maps in an article about zoning (exciting, trust me) and Breakfast Club and Slums of Beverly Hills.

I’m sympathetic to their cause, since I abhor internships and pretty much any form of profit-maximization built on unpaid labour (see, for one slice of the peer review shit, this subscription-required piece in the Chronicle). That said, the screwheads who can’t be bothered to do their bit can go get fucked.

In the end it’s just going to lead to 1) my friends peer reviewing me and saying “publish as-is” and 2) me making an offer to peer review for a journal that will turn me down because I’m not a permanent member of academic staff. Glorious.

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